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Volkswagen X Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2017

Volkswagen 今年成為Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2017 大會指定汽車合作夥伴,為是次藝博會帶來"Driving Art Home" 服務及其他互動藝術體驗。
Being the Exclusive Car partner of the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2017, Volkswagen provides “Driving Art Home” shuttling service and other artistic experience to visitors:

Volkswagen “Driving Art Home” 「藝術送到家」接送服務

凡於Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2017 購買藝術品之顧客,即場登記試車及填妥簡單個人資料,便可享專車接送服務。

Volkswagen “Driving Art Home” Shuttling Service

For customers, who purchase the art piece(s) at the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2017, can enjoy shuttling service by Volkswagen after registering for test drive.

Volkswagen interactive artistic experience

根據工作人員指示,利用現場提供的畫筆,在展出的New Tiguan2白色車身上任意塗鴉,一同集體創作此次活動專屬之New Tiguan2,塗鴉過程將拍成影片並上傳到Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook專頁。

Doodle on the road
Using the drawing pens provided on-site and with instructions of our staffs, visitors can draw on the white body of the displayed New Tiguan2 to create a special one together. The process of doodling would be filmed and posted on Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook Page.

3D 紙模型創作
在Volkswagen New Tiguan2 3D模型繪色紙上,盡情發揮創意即席創作屬於您的New Tiguan2 3D 紙模型。

3D Cardboard model
Create your own 3D cardboard model of New Tiguan2 by drawing and painting on the 3D cardboard.

“Like” Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook專頁,便可參加以上藝術體驗。完成登記後,上傳作品到個人Facebook或Instagram帳戶並 #VWHKDrivingArtHome,把帖子設定爲公開,更可享精美禮品乙份。

How to participate 
Participate the above activations by clicking “Like” of the Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook page. Free gift would be given when your own art work(s) are posted (to public) on your Facebook account with #VWHKDrivingArtHome and conduct a quick survey.

Affordable Art Fair將於5月19至21日期間假香港會議展覽中心3B&C展覽廳舉行,為藝術愛好者帶來多位新晉藝術家的作品及多元化互動教育活動,積極普及 本地收藏藝術品文化,一系列藝術品定價爲港幣$1,000至$100,000的藝術創作。了解更多:

Affordable Art Fair would be hold from 19th May to 21st May at Hall 3B&C of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Aiming to spread the culture of collecting local valuable artworks, the fair showcases a diverse range of artworks from emerging talents and interactive educational experience. The range of art pieces priced between HK$1,000 and HK$100,000. For more details of the fair:

條款及細則: 1) 專車接送服務有限,先到先得。2) 專車接送服務指由香港會議展覽中心至一個指定地點,接送地點不包括以下區域: 流浮山, 落馬洲 , 羅湖 , 坪輋 , 沙頭角及大嶼山 ,落車地點會因應當時路面情況及封路措施而決定。3)試車將於登記一個月後獲專人安排。 4)「Volkswagen互動藝術體驗」下稱「藝術體驗」由Volkswagen Hong Kong Limited (以下簡稱「VWHK」) 舉辦。5)參加者提供之個人資料將予保密,並同意使用你的個人資料作直接促銷一些你可能感到興趣的服務和商品,但我們不會披露所收集的資料予其他集團成員或任何有關人士。參加者在給予上述同意後,如日後希望撤回使用其個人資料作直接促銷的同意,請發送書面通知到電郵地址。6)「VWHK」將會挑選作品˴分享照片及影片並上載到Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook平台。7)3D 紙模型及精美禮品數量有限,送完即止。8)所有獎品不得轉讓或兌換現金。9)所有參加者,即表示接受是次藝術體驗之所有條款及細則。10)「VWHK」保留修改該等條款及細則的權利,而將不會事先發出通知。有關更改會於Volkswagen Hong Kong官方Facebook內公佈。11)就參加者的資格、得獎資格及所得之禮物等,如有任何爭議,Volkswagen Hong Kong Limited保留最終決定權。

Terms and Conditions: 1) Shuttle service are limited on first come first serve basis. 2) The route of the shuttle service is from Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to one destination only. The following districts are not covered: Lau Fau Shan, Lok Ma Chau, Lo Wu, Ping Che, Sha Tau Kok and Lantau Island. The exact drop off points would be decided according to the road traffic for each ride. 3) Test drive would be arranged within a month of registration. 4) “Volksawagen interactive artistic experience” (the “artistic experience”) is organized by Volkswagen Hong Kong Limited (VWHK) 5) The personal data provided will be kept confidential and participants agreed Volkswagen Hong Kong Limited to use their personal information for direct promotions of the services and products they may be interested in. The information collected would not be disclosed to other group members or any interested parties. After giving the above consent, participants could send a written notice by e-mail ( if they wish to withdraw their consent for direct use of their personal information. 6) VWHK would select artworks, share photos and videos and uploaded to Volkswagen Hong Kong Facebook page. 7) 3D cardboard and gifts only available while stock lasts. 8) All gifts are not redeemable or exchangeable for cash. 9) All participants must agree with the terms and conditions of the artistic experience. 10) VWHK reserves the right to change, cancel or supplement the above activities or these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice and, in the event of any dispute. 11) VWHK reserves the right of final decisions in case of any dispute on the qualification of the participants, rewards and gifts.