, 2019-09-24 11:32:22


616 – A Total Maintenance Plan for Your Car

No, you heard it right! Here at Volkswagen, cars that have gone past the original 5-year warranty period can still get the same premium care and servicing needs they deserve! Plan 616 Aged Vehicle Maintenance Plan is designed for Volkswagen private vehicles into their 61st month, having only to pay 60% of the original worth of the maintenance fees; in other words, you get to enjoy a 40% discount on the service and genuine parts! The maintenance scope of 616 Aged Vehicle Maintenance Plan is the same as that of the RMS (Regular Maintenance Service) performed during the 5-year warranty period. Our technical staff conducts meticulous checks on over 70 items, performs a road test, and deploys a factory standard diagnostic tool from Germany to check the car, ensuring that your car is safe and roadworthy. We also provide a one-stop solution for car owners, helping with not just servicing and maintenance, but handling procedures for the government’s annual vehicle examination and licence renewal. What’s more, 616 Aged Vehicle Maintenance Plan owners can be assured of the same ease of service booking, just as it was when you were under the RMS plan, and you have the choice of using our car collection/delivery service too!