, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

New Arrival

Letter to parents – Sharan 280 TSI Life & Sharan 380 TSI Luxury

Dear Mom and Dad,

I noticed that you were rather interested on a very, very big car and this mighty 7 seater is called Sharan — I overheard the friendly sales consultant saying so yesterday. What impressed me was that he said it was one of the safest 7 seaters in Europe, having been crash tested by Euro NCAP and awarded the highest 5-star rating. I guess this was why the car appealed to you — as Dad says often, safely comes first in driving, and Sharan passed with flying colours!

For me, let me tell you why I like the car. It comes with an integrated child seat at the back, I also love Sharan’s panoramic sunroof! I can imagine counting the stars at night during our drive home!

The fold-flat front passenger seat backrest is a magical feature. It means the front passenger seat can be turned into a table — a great place for me to enjoy breakfast or look at my homework before going to school in the morning!

There is also that cool button which will make the doors slide open towards the back. Now you can be assured that I won’t slam our door against cars parked alongside anymore!

So much for my comments but I do have a question: which one? Sharan has two models, there is the more energy saving 1.4L TSI with a combined fuel consumption ratio at 6.6L/100km, and there is the higher performance 2.0L TSI boasting an output at 220PS. I wonder which one Dad will opt for?


With love,

Your daughter