, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

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Dancing on Ice

Every year when winter creeps in, the tranquil town of Arvidsjaur, Sweden evolves into a bustling hub of activity as visitors flock in, and most come here for reasons related to cars. Among the visitors are employees from car manufacturers who come here to test their prototype models; and there is also the unusual tourist who visits the remote town for one and only one reason: to experience the Ice Adventure. This is a unique opportunity to drive, to drift and ultimately to enjoy the extreme, exhilarating experience of steering on the frozen lake.

The Arvidsjaur area has over 4,000 frozen lakes and the Volkswagen Driving Experience takes place at an expansive area of 50,000 sq m with three 10-kilometre long tracks, making it one of the largest driving on ice adventure. In the 4-day-3-night tour, participants will have driving courses on the frozen lake accompanied by professional drivers. This is no ordinary “training” as it promises to bring unique pleasure as adrenaline rises – driving on the virtually “grip-less” ice surface is tantamount to drifting on ice! Excitement apart, the driving experience also brings the participant better driving skills and improved agility to respond in adverse driving conditions. Hooked and not quite getting enough? The Ice Adventure is just the beginning. Seek out the even more dynamic Ice Adventure Pro as soon as you are ready!

In addition to the Sweden Ice Adventure, Volkswagen also brings car enthusiasts different Driving Experiences, including Offroad Trainings, Race Track Trainings and Rally Experience. For details, please visit the Volkswagen Driving Experience website: https://www.volkswagen-driving-experience.de/en/driving-experience.html or contact Volkswagen Hong Kong.