, 2019-10-22 00:09:34

Volkswagen News

A Ride in the Hot New Golf

Born just over 43 years ago and way into its 7th generation, the Golf has an amazing record of over 33 million units ever manufactured! In 2017, a new era dawns as the Golf introduces new upgrades for its entire family. Volkswagen has organized a media test drive event at the island of Mallorca, Spain, prior to the global launch.

The new Golf got new tweaks to its styling: both front and rear bumpers are more 3-dimensional, the Xenon headlights are upgraded to LED lights, and the entire Golf lineup feature full LED tail-lights. The look is still very recognizably Golf, and it is in the details that you will find the sophisticated styling. Once inside the car, what’s most eye-catching is the 12.3in high-definition Active Info Display. Apart from being an aesthetic marvel, the Display is actually an integrated unit that comprised of 4 key features: a speedometer, a tachometer, an infotainment system, and a driving computer. All commands are easily controlled by smart keys built onto the steering wheel — a standard fitting for the much anticipated Golf GT and Golf GTI Performance, scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong in mid-2017.

The new Golf, Golf GT and Golf GT Sport coming to Hong Kong in the middle of year will be fitted with the original 1.4 TSI engine, delivering 125PS and 150PS of output. As for the high performance Golf GTI, the new model gets a boost too with higher output, improved fuel consumption, and even slicker gear change.