, 2019-09-24 11:32:22


A Dream Come True

Architectural and landscape photographer Mr O had his sights on a classic Volkswagen car five years ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand, when he was on holiday. Since then he had been searching for such a model, and it took him two years to find Fishball – the yellow Volkswagen Type 2 that he’s currently driving. It’s a life changing find, as he soon quitted his job and went on an eighteen month long journey in Thailand with Fishball. It’s not about going where, but about going further and seeing more, says Mr O. This April, he went to the southern part Thailand with Fishball, joining the Songkran or Water Festival and admiring the blossoming Pink Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia rosea) with his girlfriend. “Although I cannot roam the world with Fishball, but traveling with her is like a dream come true, and she’s taking me to see more of this world,” says Mr O happily.

Multivan Kombi Brings the Best of Both Worlds

From T1 to T6, Volkswagen’s MPV Camper Van has been evolving for the better. And the current model Multivan Kombi has developed into one of the most popular 7-seater MPVs in the Volkswagen family. Spacious, luxurious and comfortable, the centre row comes with 2 swivel seats that can be adjusted individually. The car is also equipped with a multi-function foldable table, easily turning the MPV into a mobile office — and allowing the little ones to enjoy a supper there too! Multivan Kombi simply combines the best of commercial and family needs.