, 2019-09-24 11:32:22


A “Wild” Day Out — with the dogs!

For a great weekend drive in Hong Kong with the family, head to Lions Nature Education Centre located at Sai Kung — and you bring not just the kids but the pets too! Driving Golf Sportsvan with your dog(s) on a weekend morning is simply a pleasure. This Golf model not only gives you a great drive, but is designed with practicality in mind. The 5-door hatchback design makes it easy for dogs to enter and exit, and the 1,520-litre luggage compartment gives ample storage space. Even with a “full load” of kids and dogs, you won’t feel that you are squashing anyone. The Lions Nature Education Centre occupies 16 hectares of beautiful land. As you drive through the carpark entrance and head along the small driveway, you will soon reach the Centre, where you will park next to lush greenery. There is no road traffic here so it is safe for kids and dogs to run about and enjoy the beauty of nature. The Centre has a number of Exhibition Halls that can give the kids a great education on nature too. Do not miss the Rock and Mineral Corner which displays a comprehensive collection of Hong Kong’s major rocks and minerals — both grownups and kids would discover interesting information here on the rocks’ uses and special features.