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T6: Built Tough for a Tough World.

For when the work is hard.

The Transporter has been rising to the challenge for 70 years. Every generation aims to use the available space even more efficiently, make difficult jobs easier, and safely stow the broadest range of goods. That is why the load compartment in the current Transporter makes no compromises when it comes to functionality and versatility. Outstanding workmanship is the foundation for efficiency and ensures that the van can always handle the challenges it faces. The durable upholstery is perfectly designed for frequent entry and exit. The sound-absorbing rubber flooring in the passenger compartment is easy to wash.


As flexible as your requirements.

The Transporter adapts perfectly to every task: The Transporter is available in 2 versions: Transporter Trader and Transporter Premium. Plus, numerous additional equipment options let you configure the Transporter Trader or Transporter Premium to exactly match your specific requirements.

  • Variant diversity

    2 wheelbases.

    From top to bottom, the Transporter leaves no wish unfulfilled. Depending on wheelbase and seating package you can use a load compartment volume from up to 6.7 m³.

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  • Load compartment

    Adapts to your requirements.

    With a load capacity of up to 6.7m³ and a diverse range of options – from floor surfaces to side cladding – the Transporter even adapts perfectly to transportation tasks.

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  • Interior

    Ergonomical driver working environment.

    The Transporter has been precisely designed to impress during daily use. The cockpit offers numerous storage options to help with the perfect planning of a long working day. Additional storage space creates even more freedom.

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  • Lighting

    Enjoy optimum visibility.

    Expand your field of view with powerful headlights.

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Advanced engine technology.

The Transporter engines of the new generation comply with the Euro 6 emission standard and provide convincingly low fuel consumption.

  • TDI engines

    Extra low fuel consumption with even more power.

    The new latest generation of engines offers impressively low fuel consumption with every unit – and all without dampening driving pleasure. The 2.0 l TDI engine with up to 150 kW is especially powerful, yet also economical.

  • TSI petrol engines

    Let the high efficiency inspire you.

    If you prefer petrol engines, you have the choice between a 2.0 l TSI with 110 kW and the 2.0 l TSI engine with 150 kW. Both engine options are equipped with a direct injection system and an exhaust turbocharger.

  • BlueMotion Technology

    Technologies that help to save more fuel.

    Volkswagen models with BlueMotion Technology are in line with the “Think Blue.” concept: That is why every single one of the state-of-the-art Euro 6 engines is equipped with a start/stop system, regenerative braking, Hill Start Assist and roll resistance-optimised tyres.

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  • 4MOTION all-wheel drive

    Mountains and snow are no longer obstacles for you.

    The optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive provides good traction, optimum handling and steering, and helps you to master even difficult conditions like driving in the extreme roads. The 4MOTION all-wheel drive is a unique drive concept in its vehicle class.

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  • Dual clutch gearbox DSG

    Enjoy high driving comfort.

    The 7-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG permits fully automatic, almost imperceptible gear changing with no interruption in power flow, which results in significantly increased driving comfort.

Comfortable combinations.

High-quality infotainment systems along with modern heating and air conditioning make every journey in the Transporter highly comfortable.

Always one step ahead.

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems support you in critical situations and help you to avoid dangers. Look forward to a true all-round talent.

  • Safety systems

    This intelligent technology will inspire you.

    You are prepared for almost anything with the safety systems in the Transporter: Where necessary, the systems intervene in the driving process, and can help to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

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  • Driver assistance systems

    Support in critical situations.

    Intelligent driver assistance systems make travelling in the Transporter Kombi even more comfortable because they warn you when the vehicle is in danger of unintentionally changing lanes or if you become tired.

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  • Parking assistance

    Makes parking easier for you.

    Parking made easy: Whether ParkPilot or reversing camera – the clever parking assistance in the Transporter provides you with acoustic or visual warnings of obstacles.

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  • Lighting systems

    Enjoy consistently optimum lighting on the road.

    Automatically dimming high beam lights along with extra lights which show you the way when cornering, even in poor weather – all this is available to you.

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