, 2020-05-20 14:22:52

Golf SV

The Golf+

It’s clearly part of the Golf family, but its very unique role within it is reflected in both its name and its design. Golf SV is as sporty on the outside as it is spacious on the inside.


The ultimate spacious wonder. Golf SV provides ample space for the whole family and plenty of luggage besides. What is more, thanks to the raised seating position, you also enjoy improved visibility when driving, and can get in and out more conveniently.

  • Storage compartments in the doors.

    Always in a different place. But everything in its place.

    The storage compartments in the doors provide space for small items to ensure that you always find everything without having to waste time searching.


Drive beautifully. The design and interior equipment of the Golf Sportsvan will win you over with their timeless elegance.

  • Interior.

    A place to relax.

    The interior of Golf SV is designed to impress you every day with its high-quality appearance and sophisticated storage concept.

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Extend your 'comfort zone' from your sofa into your Golf SV. Thanks to innovative Infotainment systems, you can now enjoy outstanding entertainment, just how you love it, and will also be perfectly connected to discover new hidden corners.


The engines for Golf SV are designed to give you a sporty driving style whilst reducing fuel consumption.

  • TSI Engine

    Benefit from high performance with low fuel consumption.

    The TSI petrol engines are designed for high levels of power with low fuel consumption and are bound to excite you.

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