Side view of the VW e-Golf cahrging on a charging station

The e-Golf

Embrace the electric era

Embrace the electric era

100% Golf, 0% emission

Enjoy the famed handling, acceleration and German technology of Golf. Now with zero emission and a range of 300 km (NEDC).

Live light with e-Golf. Check out these highlights:

Electric dynamics

Electric dynamics

Instant torque, seamless motion.

Easy charging

Wide range of charging options for different needs.

Uncompromised luxury

An incredible range of equipment fitted as standard. Live out a zero-carbon lifestyle.

VW e-Golf
Uncompomised luxury


Electricfied for today and the future

Driving with an electric motor is more fun than you might think. From the first revolution, it delivers its maximun torque of 290Nm and can accelerate seamlessly thanks to its 1-speed direct drive gearbox.

Assist and comfort

Makes parking a breeze

With e-Golf's ultrasound sensors, you'll feel like you have eyes all around the car. Or if you’re feeling more hands off, Park Assist can actually steers the car too – all you need to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals.


Instantly recognisable

Retaining the classic styling of the Golf, the e-Golf adds its own electric twist. Iconic C-shaped running lights and signature blue flash across the front grille underlines a unique image.

Book a Test Drive

Would you like to experience the e-Golf live? Suggest a desired date for a test drive. We will bring you and your Volkswagen together.

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