VW Sharan in front of a house.
VW Sharan in front of a house.
VW Sharan in front of a house.

The Sharan

A friend of the family

In the Sharan, flexibility is everything. Its fold-down rear seats make it flexible for your heaps of luggage. Its optional third seat row makes it flexible when deciding who will travel with you and when making family plans. And the special ‘Black Style’ model encourages flexibility in onlookers as they turn their heads to get a better view.

The Sharan has many highlights. Check out these three:

View into the open luggage compartment of the Sharan, rear seats and front passenger seat folded down.

Luggage compartment + 'Easy Fold'

When the garage needs to go in the car

Interior of the Sharan with view of the steering wheel.


Ready for the everyday. But never run-of-the-mill.

View through the roof of the Sharan with seven seats.

Seven-seater package

Invite some guests on-board again. With the optional seven-seater package.


When the garage needs to go in the car

Sometimes you need to fit much more than the usual boxes and bags of shopping into your car. The luggage compartment of the Sharan is ready for everything. If the second seat row and the front passenger seat are folded down, the five-seater model offers up to 2,430 litres of space for loading. Its variable luggage compartment makes it ready to transport almost any large items.

  • Up to 2,297 litres in the seven-seater
  • Includes ‘Easy Fold’ function
  • Boot lid with optional surround lighting