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Ownership & Service

Ownership & Service

Driving pleasure with greater comfort and safety.

Whether you're exchanging a part to preserve your Volkswagen's value or looking for accessories for even greater comfort, with the Volkswagen Genuine Parts you're guaranteed optimal functionality and top quality products. Whatever your Volkswagen needs, you'll find the perfect part. The Volkswagen Genuine Parts range encompasses some 299,000 parts worldwide which Volkswagen keeps on hand for all of its vehicle models for up to 15 years after the end of series production. Our Service offers guarantee carefree mobility: Attractive conditions and individual design - service that really meets your needs.      

Service & Parts


During consultations with you and your vehicle, customer satisfaction and service quality are of particular importance to us. Our trained Volkswagen specialists ensure the reliability and performance of your Volkswagen at an attractive price-performance ratio.

With Volkswagen Genuine Parts you'll always make the right decision. Our Genuine Parts are perfectly matched to your vehicle. They provide you with the highest possible level of safety, reliability and performance. The Volkswagen Genuine Parts correspond fully with the series standard of new vehicle production and from the word 'go' are constructed to render any repairs easy and cost-effective.




Whatever awaits you on the road, one thing is certain: Our Warranty and Extended Warranty means that there are many things about which you can afford to be less concerned. The pleasure of driving your Volkswagen would be completed with the peace of knowing your purchase is safe.


Engine Oil & Fluids.

Well-oiled means a better drive. Volkswagen Genuine Service Fluids ensure your Volkswagen performs at the highest level. They provide protection against rust, heat and limescale, transmit braking force, keep your vision clearer and the air cleaner. Discover the Genuine Motor Oils and Service Fluids - even a short stop to fill up can ensure a long vehicle life. With AdBlue, ensure your diesel vehicle produces lower nitrogen oxide emissions.



Whether it is a service or parts we are offering to you; we make sure that you get the best offers in town.

Older Volkswagen Models

Customer's Information

Our current models are very close to our heart: Here you'll find all information, interesting offers & relevant service for your particular Volkswagen model.


Wheels & Tyres.

Tyres should be changed at least twice a year: Your Volkswagen Partner will find the right wheels and tyres to perfectly match your Volkswagen from the huge range of renowned brand manufacturers. Of course, the Tyre Service from your Volkswagen Partner also means: Immediate assembly and tyre storage of winter and summer tyres for a low price. Only the right service knows the right tyres.


On the way.

It doesn't matter if you're on tour with the whole family or travelling with your furry friends - we'll make sure that you're safe on the road. Your safety is guaranteed abroad, just the same as it is on the roads at home. Have a relaxed and carefree journey with your Volkswagen and our services - everything you need for a stress-free trip. Your smart travel buddy: The Volkswagen Service App. It will get you to your destination quickly and easily, and boasts many practical functions, such as finding a Service Partner, showing and sharing your routes, noting the Volkswagen road-side assistance and parking space.     


Roadside Assistance.

Despite all caution and quality, an accident or breakdown can still happen from time to time. And when it does, you can rely on us: The Volkswagen road-side assistance is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - whenever you need us. With our tips and services, you'll be prepared for anything and back on the road in no time at all. Whatever tricky situation you find yourself in, you can rely on the convenience and protection of Volkswagen.