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Getting Started

Getting Started.

A good start on the road is important to your everyday journey. We think so too. Our tips will enable you to make ideal preparations for yourself and your Volkswagen.

Good Start: Your Sitting Position

Four steps to provide you with a comfortable journey.

  • A few grams.

    Full force in the event of an impact.

    Even in the event of an impact at 50 km/h,
    unsecured objects shoot forward with about fifty times their weight.

This is how to pack safely.


More weight. Less control.

On the road with heavy luggage.

An overloaded car skids more easily and is more difficult to steer and brake.
No need to worry: Our checklist* will ensure that you don’t
let it get that far.

  • Read up on the permitted total weight in the vehicle registration document or your Owner's Manual
  • Take your passengers' weight into account
  • Weigh heavy luggage, observe permissible load
  • Balance! Distribute the weight evenly
  • Increase tyre pressure if you have a lot of luggage
  • Secure the luggage
  • Adjust your headlight setting (see Owner's Manual)

*Our checklists do not claim to be complete and are therefore not exhaustive.

Regular Maintenance Service.

Safety always comes first.

We check your Volkswagen from the engine through to the brakes. Result: Good value retention. And, of course, the good feeling that comes from being safer on the road.