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Body & Paintwork.

Body & Paintwork.

Discover here why Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts contribute so much to your safety. And how to make minor paintwork damage almost invisible.     

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts.

Precisely fitting safety.

Product information

Safe and strong: Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts give your Volkswagen the necessary stability and offer you the best possible protection in the event of an impact. As we have developed all parts especially for your original, they fit like a glove. Result: You save time and costs in any repair and your Volkswagen remains an original through and through.

Your Benefits

  • More safety.
    Thanks to a high level of body stiffness, panel strength and optimum absorption of impact energy.
  • Custom-fit.
    Fast and hence cost-efficient installation due to high accuracy of fit.
  • Original design.
    Keeps your Volkswagen running like a Volkswagen.

Safe wrapping.

More than just a bit of metal. The body parts of your Volkswagen not only look brilliant, they also protect you, your passengers and other road users – against, for example, the full momentum in the event of an impact.


Body and Paintwork Service.

For your safety and a brilliant appearance.

Your bodywork is more than just a bit of metal. It protects you in conjunction with many assistance and protection systems whenever you drive – even in the event of an accident. Therefore, put your repairs preferably in the hands of our experts to ensure that you will soon be back on the road as safely as before.