, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

Comfort & Mobility

Appointments diary full? We will see to it that your Volkswagen
is nevertheless serviced and you remain mobile – with our services
relating to all aspects of your convenience.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service.

We will take your Volkswagen to the service.

Our services

How does this sound? We pick your Volkswagen up at your preferred location before a service or repair appointment and then drop it back off – at your work or at home. Does this appeal to you? If so, just book our Pick-Up and Delivery Service for your next appointment. (*Service charges apply.)

Your Benefits

  • Flexible.
    Freely selectable pick-up and return location.
  • Personal.
    Pick-up and return time fits for your own time schedule.
  • Complete convenience.
    Hassle free service experience.

Car Rental Service.

Extend your mobility whenever you need.

Our services

Do you need a second car for special events?
Are you looking for mobility when your Volkswagen is under insurance repair?
As a privileged Volkswagen owner, you can enjoy the exclusive offer of our car rental at special rate. Simply contact our service advisor for more details.

Your Benefits

  • Convenience.
    Your one-stop service to keep your mobility.
  • Reasonably priced.
    Favorable offers for Volkswagen customers.
  • Quality.
    Ensuring the quality of your ride.

Car Care Service.

We clean and take care of your Volkswagen for you.

Our services

Protect your time, your hands and the many sensitive materials in your Volkswagen: We will make your vehicle really shine – with our Premium Wachs and Detailing Service, which are tailored exactly to your surfaces, protect the paintwork, do not attack instruments and almost turn back the clock a little: to the first day with your Volkswagen.

Your Benefits

  • Tailored to your Volkswagen.
    Thanks to the right cleaning agents.
  • For that first-day shine.
    Thanks to our knowledge as manufacturers.
  • Right for your needs.
    From basic cleaning to complete care.