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Everything about cars for owners, users and fans 

Useful facts about your Volkswagen and customer information: With us, you can also bring the automotive lifestyle into your everyday life. Find out more about your vehicle and our services here.

A VW service employee at an opened bonnet – VW Vehicle Check
Servicing and repairs

The right care and proper service help your Volkswagen keep you mobile. Read more about the corresponding service offers for your vehicle.

A VW in the workshop at VW Body and Paintwork Service

Promotions & Offers 

Allow us to take really good care of your Volkswagen whilst keeping your cost remarkably affordable.

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Engine oil & fluids

Well-oiled means a better performance: With our genuine operating fluids, such as screenwash, coolant or brake fluid and engine oils, your Volkswagen puts in a top performance.
Wheels & tyres 

They’re your only point of contact with the road:– with a contact surface that is scarcely bigger than four footprints. Discover here even more fascinating information, useful products and attractive offers relating to your wheels and tyres. 

A Volkswagen on a country lane with wheels in focus, behind it an ID.3 – wheels and tyres
A man is carrying his daughter piggyback on his back and is laughing, in the background is a VW car
Own a Volkswagen?
As part of our Volkswagen family, we would like you to get first hand information on important updates and news about Volkswagen.Please help to keep our records up-to-date by notifying us on changes of your contact or vehicle information.
Two Volkswagen on the road in a snowy landscape
Important customer information

We provide the latest information on any recall campaigns, roadside assistance and everything else that is important for you and your Volkswagen.

Disclaimers by Kam Lung Motors Limited All photos and images found on this site are for reference only and may differ from actual products sold in Hong Kong. All details of equipment and technical data are based on the specifications for the German market and are supplied on the basis of the information available at the time of going to publish. Specifications, standard equipment, options, fabrics and colours are subject to change without prior notice. Some features may be unavailable when your vehicle is built. Some vehicles are shown with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Please contact our Sales Consultant about availability of options and verify that the vehicle you ordered includes the equipment you ordered.