A VW service employee at an opened bonnet – VW Vehicle Check

Service and Repairs

Thanks to our comprehensive services, you can hit the road without a care. In the Dialogue Reception, we’ll take you through a Vehicle Check – you decide what needs to be done.

A VW service employee checks the car during a Vehicle Check

Regular Maintenance Service

Comfort that you can completely rely on – day in, day out on your way to work or on a long holiday trip. We see to that with our Regular Maintenance Service. We check your Volkswagen in all important points: from the brakes through to the engine.

Your Benefits

  • More safety.
    Coverage of 53 points check of your Volkswagen to ensure your saftey.
  • Very good value retention and resale value.
    Thanks to optimum maintenance and the Regular Maintenance Report.
  • Peace of mind.
    Easily reachable by hotline, service app and on-line booking.

Body and Paint Service

A dent in the panel work? Happens to everyone at some time. Our body and paintwork service will soon make you forget minor damage. Following our repairs, you will be able to rely on your safety again and your bodywork will look as dazzling as it did previously.
Reason: We carry out repairs strictly according to Volkswagen guidelines and replace damaged parts only with Volkswagen Genuine Parts®. To keep all warranties intact for you.

Your Benefits

  • Good for value retention.
  • Rust perforation warranty remains intact.
  • Original quality.
  • Repairs using Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and Volkswagen recommended paint.
  • Convenient.
  • Thanks to offers like recovery service, repair cost analysis, exclusive car rental service, we walk you through the whole process in a speedy manner. 

Factory Warranty

Any newly purchased Volkswagen car from Kam Lung Motors Limited will come with 2 years factory warranty* starting with the date of delivery, including free replacement of faulty parts and repair cost.

*Warranty terms and condition applied.

Car Care Service

Car Care Service

Dusty streets and polluted air always spend your extra efforts on cleaning your car in vain. Do care your car more before it is too late.

Our professional interior and exterior car caring services provide your Volkswagen a meticulous coating that creates a “showroom shine” and offering a full body and cabin protection that’s built to last. Our one-stop-shop services are your best time-saving choice on cleaning your car.

Download Car Care Service Brochure

Download Premium Wachs Service Leaflet

Engine Flushing Service

Genuine Engine Flushing Service not only can reduce fuel consumption and extend engine’s lifetime, but also keeps your vehicle at tiptop condition! Volkswagen recommends the service at every 20,000 km.

Download the Engine Flushing Service Leaflet

Engine Flushing Service

You want to book a service? 

Contact your trusted dealer and make an appointment now. 

Does your car need the annual examinations at  Car Testing Centres  (CTC)?

We will ensure an appointment is made with a qualified expert. You can have your vehicle checked by our experts, thereby avoiding any unnecessary costs. Check our latest offer from Volkswgen 6+ Service.

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