Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil and Operating Fluids 

From engine performance to braking force: With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen can put in a top performance. And has a longer vehicle life. 

Oil isn’t just oil: Volkswagen Engine Oil guarantees a top performance

The right oil is like a liquid component, providing an ideal complement to your engine, protecting it and enabling peak performance.

Shell Helix Ultra Pro AV-L 5W-30 1L

Volkswagen Recommended Engine oil
Shell Helix Ultra Professional AV-L 5W30

Fully synthetic motor oil – Tailored to meet engine manufacturers’ special requirements.

Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:

  • Designed to meet the demanding requirements of Volkswagen high-performance engines
  • Uses gas to liquids technology, which is the basis of all the technology development carried out between Shell and Volkswagen
  • Passes an extensive range of performance tests to meet engine oil specifications VW 504.00/507.00

Needs no other additives:

  • The additives keep the engine clean and prevent a build up of sludge.
A VW service employee is conducting an oil change on a VW car, as part of either the flexible or fixed service – VW oil change
Time for an Regular Maintenance Service?

The service interval display in the main display will remind you

To ensure the performance of your Volkswagen at tip-top condition, we recommend your Volkswagen to have Regular Maintenance Service every 6 months or 10,000km whichever comes first.

Refilling AdBlue® into a VW car – the AdBlue® Service
Volkswagen Genuine Coolant Additive G13
Volkswagen Genuine Coolant Additive G13