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Tyre Offers & Services

Your tyres are your only contact with the road. Discover information, products and services concerning your wheels and tyres right here :

Safety – Metre for metre.

To ensure that you are safer on the road metre by metre, we are working together with Michelin, to offer you a wide range of quality and premium tyres that you can rely on.

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Tyres Care and Maintenance Tips
Your tyres travel, on average, once around the globe and are your contact with the road. They are made of over 200 materials, including steel and artificial silk. And if they have the right pressure, they even save you money. Interested in more fascinating knowledge and helpful tips? You can find them here.   

When do my tyres need to retire?

Tips on all aspects of tyre care. The maximum lifespan of tyres is 10 years – providing they are not damaged and their tread has not been worn down earlier. What can you do to make your tyres last longer? Here are some tips.
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Maintain good driving habits.
Rash driving and frequent braking always push the tyres to lose tread much quicker than expected. It can be difficult to avoid these habits all the time, but by maintaining good driving habits, you won’t be damaging your tyres unnecessarily.

Be mindful when mounting the kerb.
Try to avoid mounting the kerb as this will damage the tyre surace and its internal structure. To the worst case, your tyre might go flat on a highway unexpectedly. 
Check the pressure regularly.
Tyre pressure can have a significant impact on your car's steering, handling, braking and mileage. Overinflated or underinflated tyres, both will adversely affect your vehicle’s day-to-day performance.
Do daily checks.
Make sure there is enough tread. Check for damage and unusual wear and tear regularly.
Wheel balancing is important.
Wheel balancing is important for road safety because if the wheels aren’t balanced it can be more difficult to control the vehicle. A good balance can upkeep and ensure maximum tyre lifespan, also to protect the steering and braking systems.
Keep your wheels aligned.
A wheel alignment is nothing but an essential aspect of regular car maintenance. The point of the adjustments is to get maximum life out of a tyre and ensure even wear of all four tyres.
Clean your tyres.
Keep your tyres clean and not adhere to unwanted stone chips, oils, lubricants and oil stain.

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