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Golf R. 310PS and 4MOTION.

Power with control. And very fast.

The Golf R is more powerful and more balanced than ever.



From the racetrack directly to the road: thanks to the permanent 4MOTION four-wheel drive and powerful TSI engine with turbocharger technology and direct injection, you can enjoy an extraordinary driving experience. With the new 7-gear DSG dual clutch transmission, you will also benefit from efficient acceleration without traction loss.

  • Engine

    It's like it was made for motorsports. The Golf R.

    With a powerful 228 kW (310 PS)1, greater torque and remarkable acceleration levels, the Golf R brings masterful power to the road.

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    Maintain traction.

    Do you want to enjoy good grip, even while driving wet and rough ground? Thanks to 4MOTION four-wheel drive, you can do so almost anywhere.

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  • Adaptive chassis control (DCC)

    Set up your chassis just how you like it.

    You set the pace – whether relaxed or fast: the settings options for the adaptive chassis control DCC let you adjust your running gear to suit your individual driving style and the road surface.

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  • Sport HMI

    Keep an eye on the performance values.

    How much power does the powertrain provide? How high is the charge pressure? Now you can always keep an eye on the technology. The Sport Human Machine Interface (HMI) will keep you informed about the performance of your Golf R.

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  • Launch Control

    Optimised for short and long haul and the racetrack.

    The road is its home, and the Golf R is entirely in its element here – but it feels happiest on the racetrack.

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Equipment & Design.

The premium equipment in a motorsports look and the clean design language with R-specific features set your Golf R apart. The wide range of details available also means you can choose between different equipment features.

  • Exterior-Design

    Ideal curve. Including in the design.

    A Golf R through and through: the headlights that provide dynamic cornering light and the sporty bumpers give the vehicle a striking and powerful presence.

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  • Alloy rims

    Huge dynamism in every revolution.

    You will love the dynamic look of the alloy rims on your Golf R, both in motion and at a standstill, and they'll give your vehicle a truly sporty look.

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The Infotainment systems in the Golf R meet high demands, with a touchscreen, fitted as standard.


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