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Multivan Kombi: 6 Generations of Fun

For global business and leisure with European safety and dynamics.

The Multivan has been the perfect travel companion for over 65 years, accompanying drivers through the endless demands of everyday life and leisure time. Versatility, quality and perfection right down to the smallest detail – this is what makes the Multivan, and its four different equipment lines so exciting. The generous dimensions and flexible space concept support you in all your day-to-day plans. The distinctive design, high-quality interior equipment and state-of-the-art infotainment systems are proof of the vehicle’s independence and style. Advanced driver assistance systems and exceptionally efficient engines are just another example of Multivan’s many benefits.


Amazingly diverse.

Electrically adjustable driver seat, a multifunction steering wheel and numerous practical extras make every journey in the Multivan an absolute pleasure.

  • Seats

    Space for maximum flexibility.

    With up to seven comfortable seats, you and your passengers will appreciate the ample head and leg room, even in the second and third rows of seats. Unique: For a rearward facing seating arrangement, the individual seats in the second row of seats can simply be rotated by 360 degrees in the blink of an eye – no complicated reassembly needed.

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  • Multifunction table

    Enjoy a comfortable working climate.

    This optional table not only provides a round surface, but also several drawers for small and large utensils. The multifunction table in the passenger compartment can be flexibly positioned on two separate rails and can be pushed between the seats to save space. When not in use, the table top can be rotated by 90°, folded down and lowered into the base.

  • Multifunction steering wheel

    Controlling the equipment is so easy.

    The leather-covered multifunction steering wheel gives you a good grip and is extremely user-friendly. Your driving experience will be enhanced to a great extend.

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  • Electric tailgate and sliding doors

    Makes loading and unloading easier for you.

    The Multivan is equipped with an electrical tailgate

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  • Electrically folding door mirrors

    Provides you with additional comfort.

    Electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors are fitted as standard. Additionally, the mirrors also come with an electrically folding function.

  • Lighting

    Enjoy optimum visibility.

    Energy-saving LED headlights and a headlight cleaning system ensure that you can see well. A dimming interior mirror provides additional protection against uncomfortable dazzling from traffic to the rear.

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Powerful and economical.

The Multivan features an efficient generation of engines compliant with the Euro 6 emissions standard. This means: you profit from especially low fuel consumption without having to forego driving pleasure.

  • TSI petrol engines

    Profit from an efficient drive system.

    The 2.0 l TSI engine with 150 kW is equipped with a direct injection system and an exhaust turbocharger.

  • BlueMotion Technology

    Standard technologies that save fuel too.

    Volkswagen models with BlueMotion Technology are in line with the “Think Blue.” concept: That is why every single one of the state-of-the-art Euro 6 engines is equipped with a start/stop system, regenerative braking, Hill Start Assist and roll resistance-optimised tyres.

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  • Dual clutch gearbox DSG

    Enjoy high driving comfort.

    The 7-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG permits fully automatic gear changing with no interruption in power flow, which results in significantly increased driving comfort. The driver can choose between normal and sport mode.

  • DCC adaptive chassis control

    Adjust the running gear to every situation.

    The DCC adaptive chassis control improves vehicle handling and can be adjusted to your favourite setting at the touch of a button, simply choose from NORMAL, COMFORT or SPORT.

Get in and enjoy the comfort.

Intelligent mobile online services and multi-media connections, high-quality infotainment systems together with heating and air conditioning make the Multivan the perfect companion for everyday life and leisure.

  • “Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning

    Enjoy a comfortable interior climate.

    Modern air conditioning systems adjust the interior temperature in a matter of moments and also provide cool air on hot days.

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  • Infotainment

    Arrive at your destination well-informed and entertained.

    The Multivan's infotainment systems assist you better and inspire with their intuitive operation, best connectivity and good sound. Even wireless internet access and Media Control via smartphone are available.

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  • Deluxe dash panel

    Unique interior atmosphere awaits you.

    The horizontal lines of the exterior design are mirrored inside by the dash panel. The harmonious interplay of the decorative inserts, decorative trim and interior colour creates a cosy atmosphere. Numerous practical storage and stowage options round off the benefits offered.

  • Comfort headlining

    Provides fresh air and light in the passenger compartment.

    Ventilation outlets in the headlining supply fresh air to the passenger compartment, and reduce misting over of the side windows. The integrated swivelling reading lights can be adjusted individually.

Far-sighted companion.

The Multivan offers practical driver assistance and safety systems which support you in critical situations, for example when parking or changing lanes, and much more.

  • Safety System

    Always there for you.

    Safety systems support the driver, helping to improve the safety and comfort of all vehicle occupants and other road users. Where necessary, the systems intervene in the driving process, and thereby help to reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

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  • Parking assistance

    Makes parking easier for you.

    Whether ParkPilot or reversing camera – the clever optional parking assistance in the Multivan provides you with acoustic or visual warnings of obstacles.

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  • Lighting systems

    Enjoy consistently optimum lighting on the road.

    Automatically dimming high beam lights along with extra lights which show you the way when cornering, even in poor weather – all this is available to you.

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