, 2019-10-22 00:09:34

Passat. World Car of the Year

The Passat. As confident as you.

The Passat embodies premium design, engineering and refinement: a unique symbiosis of comfort, elegance and dynamics for people who set priorities in life.


Ready to impress.

High standards made real: the design of the Passat exudes elegance and dynamism.

  • Exterior

    Confident appearance with sportily elegant lines.

    Elegant proportions and a modern lifestyle: the design of the Passat meets exacting demands with ease.

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  • Interior

    Expectations are there to be exceeded.

    What was promised on the exterior, is kept on the inside: the vehicle interior is guaranteed to captivate you with its superior quality and stylish design.

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  • LED headlights

    Excellent vision with excellent design.

    Looks sportily striking and also provides improved visibility: energy-saving LED technology delivers a large volume of light coupled with minimal energy consumption.

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  • Wheels

    Shaping the overall look: the wheels

    Lightweight, stylish yet durable, they improve your car's handling and looks.

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The Passat is available with a number of safety systems, which help to keep you relaxed with everyday driving.


Innovative technologies enhance your driving in the Passat.


Pioneering entertainment and information.


The Passat provides maximum comfort on short as well as long trips.


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