, 2020-05-20 14:22:52

The new Polo Sport

Protection all round. All round beauty.

With its new sporty and striking desiures, the new Polo Sport looks more confident than ever. The interior of the Polo Sport has also been upgraded: it now features storage compartment for inductive smartphone charging as well as new infotainment system


Design & Equipment.

The new Polo Sport: with its clear style and elegant lines, it strikes the perfect balance between design and function. It is winning over fans with its comfortable, safe and contemporary features. In short: you’ll love driving the Polo Sport.

  • Exterior

    Exude self-awareness.

    The new Polo Sport creates an unmistakeable and sporty appearance. With its long bonnet, the front appears more dynamic and also broader, thanks to its horizontal lines. Its sporty appearance, compact dimensions and short overhangs promise maximum driving enjoyment.

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  • Interior

    More space for your comfort.

    The Polo Sport has also grown – which means more headroom and legroom for the driver, front passenger and rear passengers.

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Whether you need to make a call while driving or simply want to listen to your own music – your Polo Sport offers modern technology in a convenient and uncomplicated way.

  • Radio

    If you want, you can use it just to listen to the radio.

    Do you love listening to music while driving, but also want to stay well-informed whilst enjoying first-class comfort?

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  • Seating comfort

    You’ll want to stay sitting with this level of comfort.

    Whether you do long journeys or short trips – you’ll always be sitting comfortably in your new Polo Sport. The ergonomic seats, fitted as standard, look after your back during the journey and are so comfortable that you’ll almost forget you’re sitting in a car.

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The modern engine technology in your Polo Sport is characterised by its economy, high torque and power. Just the right thing if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

  • Engine

    Benefit twice over.

    The TSI petrol engine is designed for high levels of power with low fuel consumption – and is bound to excite you.

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