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Your Rules. Your Style.


Cara Delevingne is an actress and a model, plays drums and boxes, takes pictures and surfs. In short: She’s versatile. And she's a perfect match for the new T-Cross. With its unique combination of versatility and compact, confident crossover design, it is ready for almost any adventure.


Multifaceted and versatile.

Cara Delevingne is versatile. Just like the all-new T-Cross, she surprises with a new facet every day. Cara and the new T-Cross. Above all, these two are: #YourRulesYourStyle

  • Cara, the model

    "Fashion is about being brave. There are no rules."

    Find out what Cara thinks about fashion, boundaries and boxes. Click here for the interview.

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  • Cara, the surfer

    "Surfing the first wave is like flying."

    Cara is a passionate surfer. In this interview, you will learn how she feels about it and what surfing means to her.

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  • Cara, the drummer

    "Rhythm is life."

    No matter how packed Cara's schedule is, she always takes her time to play the drums. In this interview, she speaks about her passion.

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  • Cara, the director

    "When there's chaos and stress, I'm calmest."

    Find out what Cara thinks about her work as a director and how she deals with the challenges on set.

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  • Cara, the actress

    "Every role is good if it has flaws."

    For Cara, acting is more than just playing different roles. In the interview she reveals what she learns about herself when she’s acting.

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  • Cara, the boxer

    "It's good to sweat."

    Cara loves exercise. In this interview, she explains what exactly she likes about it and how often she exercises.

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  • Cara, the photographer

    "I fell in love with photography."

    In this interview, Cara reveals what sparked her love of photography and explains the reason behind most of her photos.

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#YourRulesYourStyle - also behind the scenes.

Everyday life can be this special, too.

Full of talent: the new T-Cross is functional and versatile. With its crossover design and outstanding practicality for everyday driving, it is the perfect combination of versatility and compact design. In short: it's ready for almost any adventure.

  • Interior

    As unique as your personal taste.

    The interior highlights include background lighting; and premium upholstered seats.

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  • Lights

    An illuminating idea. Right from the very first glance.

    The new T-Cross is brilliant in many ways: with its standard LED headlights and daytime running lights, the city SUV is always in the spotlight.

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  • Wheels

    Rounding off the T-Cross: the wheel.

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Spontaneity is always a good plan.

Are you the spontaneous type? Then the new T-Cross is the ideal companion for you. Thanks to the folding front passenger seat backrest and sliding rear seat bench, it is spacious and also flexible enough to adapt to any requirements. Your digital cockpit: the innovative, modern Active Info Display available as standard. This system displays your driving data.

  • Rear

    Stay flexible while on the road.

    One of the T-Cross’ hallmarks is its incredible versatility – thanks to the sliding, segmented rear seat bench and increased legroom. To be specific, this means more space for you and your passengers and more storage space for everyone.

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  • Space

    More room for your flexibility.

    Fancy more space? You can get it! With its versatile interior and large luggage compartment volume, the T-Cross offers plenty of space for passengers, luggage and spontaneous adventure.

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  • Active Info Display

    Enabling you to see exactly the information you want.

    Analogue is so yesterday. The innovative modern Active Info Display gives you information far beyond your speed and fuel gauge.

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High-resolution emotions.

The multimedia and connectivity equipment in the new T-Cross also offers one thing about all else: the ability to help you rest assured that you have made the right choice.

  • Mutimedia

    Composition Media

    The “Composition Media” radio includes a 20.3 cm (8 inch) TFT colour display, a touchscreen with proximity sensor and an MP3 and WMA-compatible CD player. Six loudspeakers transform the system into a multimedia experience. Furthermore, it also features an SD card slot, a USB port and a Bluetooth connection for mobile telephones.

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  • Telephony

    Making communication easier.

    More power for your mobile telephone, tablet and MP3 player. Connect your devices with ease thanks to the built-in USB port. Mobile phones that use the Qi standard are particularly easy to charge: simply place your mobile telephone in the front storage compartment – and thanks to inductive charging you’ll be back at full power again in no time.

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