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Tiguan Sport. All grown-up.

For all needs in all directions.

Savour mountain roads with breath-taking views in your Tiguan Sport – or confidently power around the glistening boulevards and streets of every city. Wherever your mood takes you.



The undiscovered awaits you. Thanks to its superior driving qualities and advanced systems, the Tiguan Sport doesn’t just open up new experiences. It is one itself. Its design reveals its new, masculine and elegant style. Let your gaze linger on the distinctive details of its exterior. But there’s more. In the vehicle interior, discover the many other exceptional design features of its high-quality interior equipment.

  • Exterior design

    You can just feel when it’s time for change. The Tiguan Sport.

    Has its fresh appeal grabbed you yet? The Tiguan Sport certainly leaves an impression. Not just at first sight.

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  • Interior design

    There are places to which you are happy to return over and over again.

    Do you also have your own favourite places? You’ll be definitely keen on spending more time in the interior of the Tiguan Sport. It immediately creates a comfortable atmosphere, thanks to its carefully coordinated materials and clear style.

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  • Off-road package

    Good to know how versatile it can be.

    Do exactly what you want: choose the off-road package, especially if you are toying with the idea of heading off the beaten track. The Tiguan Sport is a powerful machine – both on and off the road.

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  • Panoramic sliding/tilting glass roof

    More freedom. In every direction.

    The large panorama sliding/tilting glass roof allows you and your passengers to watch the clouds rolling past. The front section of the glass can be opened, raised and lowered electrically.

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  • LED headlights and tail light clusters

    Creating greater visibility. And appearance.

    The innovative design transforms the Tiguan Sport into an unmistakeable animal – even the striking design of the LED headlights and tail light clusters clearly expresses this.

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  • Wheels

    Design that stands out. And moves you.

    The Tiguan Sport offers a wealth of exceptional design features. Four of them are its wheels. They blend perfectly into the design of the Tiguan Sport and give it its character – a mix of masculine sporty dynamism combined with stylish elegance.

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Whether you need to make a call while driving, want to reach your destination using the navigation system or simply wish to listen to your own music – your Tiguan Sport provides various options for using modern technology in a convenient and uncomplicated way.

Assistance Systems.

Equipped with intelligent technology for accident prevention, your Tiguan Sport supports you even in critical driving situations. Leaving you calm and confident behind the wheel.


New terrain is rarely comfortable. All the more reason for the journey there to be. The Tiguan Sport makes your journey as pleasant as possible with its spacious interior and wealth of comfort assistance systems.

  • Luggage compartment with “Easy Open” function

    Simple to open. Simple to close.

    A relaxed journey starts even before you set off with “Easy Open” sensor-controlled luggage compartment opener. Lift a heavy bag into the luggage compartment without having to search for the key: just a small movement of your foot under the rear of the vehicle is all that’s needed to open the boot lid.
    And it’s just as easy to close: simply press the button on the inside of the boot. The boot lid only closes when you step back from the rear with your key or after 20 seconds.

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  • Active Info digital cockpit

    Adaptable. Especially for you.

    Rev counter, speedometer, mileage recorder – the Active Info digital cockpit provides all that and even more information in view. And the best thing of all is that you can always focus on the information that is most important to you.

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  • Head-up display

    Everything at a glance. And your destination straight ahead.

    Always informed, never distracted: just the touch of a button is all it takes to raise the head-up display (HUD) from the dash panel and display all key information in the driver’s direct field of view.

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Driving Experience.

Wherever you’re heading – the Tiguan Sport’s powerful engines with 4MOTION technology take you up hill and down dale. That way you stay in control – on every road. With 4MOTION Active Control, your Tiguan Sport is always perfectly set up for the driving surface.

  • Driving profile selection

    Always on top. Whatever’s underneath.

    Use this feature to select the right driving profile every time: Normal, Eco, Sports, Comfort or Individual. You can now adapt the engine and gearbox tuning, as well as the behaviour of certain assistance systems to the driving conditions.

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    Maintain traction.

    Do you want to maintain outstanding grip on wet and rough surfaces? 4MOTION permanent four-wheel drive means you can do so almost everywhere.

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  • 4MOTION Active Control


    4MOTION Active Control provides a range of customised driving profiles to suit main roads or snowy slopes.

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  • Engines

    More efficiency.

    Whether you opt for 1.4 or 2.0 petrol engine, all the drives available for the Tiguan Sport are characterised by their outstanding efficiency and suitability for everyday driving.

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